Interested in becoming a host family for the Southern Illinois Miners players?  Host families will receive the following:

  • Game tickets provided to host families throughout the season along with a parking pass
  • In-game recognition of host families at home games
  • A team-sponsored preseason event for all host families
  • Team sponsored In-Season event with host family and their player
  • On-field recognition ceremony at the end of the season for host families
  • Souvenir discount for host family

Opening your home to a professional baseball player, as well as to the daily grind and lifestyle of an elite athlete, is an experience that few people have the opportunity to enjoy. Becoming a host family truly allows a household to join the Southern Illinois Miners family. The recognition and perks one receives as compensation for becoming a host family is invaluable. The memories and relationships host families make with their “host sons” will last a lifetime.

For more information on becoming a host family, contact the Miners Box Office at 618-998-8499 or email us at

“Being a host family has opened not only our home, but our hearts to wonderful young men who just have the desire to play baseball. This is probably one of the most rewarding things our family has done for the community. These players need a loving home where they can relax, eat, and chill out without the pressure of daily life.”
-Michelle Baxter | Host Mom 4 years

“It is neat to have a player in the house, I love it when the players bring their xbox and I get to beat them in their own games.”
-Dylan Baxter, 13 | Host Son 4 years

“Going to the game is one thing; living out the season with players brings it all to life”
-Janet Sapp | Host Mom 3 years