Job Opportunities

2018 Southern Illinois Miners Internships Available

The Southern Illinois Miners internship is a great learning experience involving marketing, sales, ticket operations, live production, graphic design, customer service and many other aspects of the sports industry. The interns work directly with the front office staff to get an overview of all of the different positions. We are looking for people who would not only perform well in these capacities, but who are passionate about baseball.

The internship requires a great amount of dedication throughout the baseball season. The interns work 40-100 hours/week depending on our game schedule. During the day our interns work in various areas throughout the ballpark. Responsibilities include: ticket sales, outgoing sales calls, computer database entry, and managing various promotions and fan oriented programs such as fundraising and our kids club. During games our interns cover several aspects of the Miners experience including groups, ticket office, customer service and on-field entertainment. Our interns grow as sales people throughout the season. We give them the opportunity to sell sponsorships, promote events over the radio and practice guerilla marketing techniques during games and out in the community.

All college majors are welcomed. Some of our interns are working for college credit while others participate for the experience alone. We prefer that our interns have at least completed their junior year of college while many of our past interns did the internship after graduating. The Southern Illinois Miners internship is a paid position. We have internships starting in March and in early May. All of our interns work the length of the season (late August or early September) or until they return to college. We are looking for outgoing individuals who have a strong interest in sales. The Miners internship is a great start for people interested in pursuing a career in sports or the entertainment industry.

If you have any questions please email at We will begin to accept resumes in Sept. 2017 and will conduct individual, as well as group interviews from October-February.

The Miners Game Day Internship

The Miners are apart of the Frontier League. Our success is measured by the consistent delivery of a fun and entertaining experience to our fans, the community and our players. We depend upon the efforts of many associates to make our organization successful.

We are looking for individuals that have an interest in the business of sports management, advertising, marketing and who love baseball. If you are highly motivated and hardworking, we would like you to join us for a summer of learning and FUN!

This opportunity would allow you to get your foot in the door and learn about the industry in various ways: including ticket sales, customer service or performing other game day responsibilities. Ticket sales duties will include assisting the ticket office with incoming and outgoing sales calls along with contributing to the overall sales goals. The hours would be much more flexible allowing you to also work other part time jobs if you would like. You would be expected to work the majority of the games throughout the summer and we would pay you accordingly! We ask that you give the organization a minimum of 50 hrs. of work in and around the office.

As a Seasonal Associate you will have the opportunity to experience and learn all aspects of running the franchise.

You will interact with fans, sponsors, and in some or all of the following areas:
• Tickets – you will assist with game day sales and coordinating tickets for sponsor nights and group sales.
• Stadium operations – you may assist with facility maintenance, grounds keeping, cleaning and various other chores that keep our setting in tip top condition.
• Promotions & marketing – you may assist with contest coordination, between inning contests, coordinating sponsor nights, player and mascot appearances, and game day activities.
• Pre-game assignments – preparing the game day activities for all home games.
• Game Pictures & Video Production – you may be responsible for taking game and candid pictures or video of the team and our fans.
• Website & Social Media management – you may assist our Director of Video Production and Creative Services on a daily basis to keep our sites and social media current. This may involve stats, photographs, video, blog entries or just general information.

If you are a college student interested in an internship, The Southern Illinois Miners organization is anxious to work with your college or university to enable you to get “credit” for your internship. If you have additional questions, please email us at

Thanks again for your interest in joining the Miners staff. Below is the list of positions at Rent One Park during the season. If you are still interested in a position with the Miners, please fill out the MINERS EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION.



  • PRODUCTION INTERNSHIP PROGRAM (Now Accepting Applications for 2018)
  • BOX OFFICE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM (Now Accepting Applications for 2018)
  • STADIUM OPERATIONS INTERNSHIP PROGRAM (Now Accepting Applications for 2018)
  • MARKETING INTERNSHIP PROGRAM (Now Accepting Applications for 2018)
  • SOCIAL MEDIA INTERNSHIP PROGRAM (Now Accepting Applications for 2018)



Prepare and serve all food and beverage items offered at Rent One Park with an emphasis on product quality, cleanliness and prompt courteous service:

  • Stand Manager – Oversee the overall operation of their concession stand, including the beginning and ending inventory, and clean-up of the stand;
  • Picnic area employee – Prepare and serve all food and beverage items associated with pre-game picnics.  Break-down and clean-up following each picnic.  Picnic area is open to general public following pre-game picnics;
  • Cashier – Responsible for the accurate order taking and tracking of each customer’s request.  Collect the proper amount of money and provide the proper amount of change in a quick and efficient manner.  Solely responsible for all money in their cash drawer.
  • Runner- Responsible for assisting the cashier by bringing food to the customer in a quick and efficient manner.  Assist the Stand Manager in the proper stocking of the stand.
  • Preparer- Assist the Stand Manager by preparing all food to be served during the game.
  • Waiter/Waitress
    Take orders and serve all food, beverage and souvenir items offered at Rent One Park to the Suite Holders and Club Seat Holders; emphasis on prompt and professional customer service.
  • Souvenir Stand Employees
    Prepares the souvenir stand for gameday sales, pre-game and post-game inventory, and assists with sales during the game; emphasis on customer service, friendly and professional attitude, and product knowledge.
  • Ushers – Check all ticket stubs for admittance to Suite, Club, Box and Reserved seating areas; wipe down all seating areas prior to the opening of the gates, provide professional customer service, and act as a liaison to all fans with questions or complaints. Excellent customer service is a MUST!
  • Parking Attendants – Direct all vehicle and foot traffic in and around stadium. Responsible for the collection of all parking fees in surrounding lots.
  • Suite Wait Staff – Take orders and serve all food, beverage and souvenir items offered at the Stadium to the Suite Holders and Club Seats Holders; emphasis on prompt and professional customer service.
  • Ticket Taker – Tear all ticket stubs as fans enter the ballpark. Responsible for checking date accuracy, assist in control of food and beverages admitted to the ballpark, and accurate accounting of attendance stubs. Emphasis on efficiency and professional customer service.
  • Ticket Seller – Prepare and sell all gameday and advance tickets with an emphasis on efficiency, accuracy and professional customer service; responsible for accurate accounting of money tills.
  • Entertainment Staff – Act as ambassadors to the fans, answer questions and offer assistance at every Miners game. Assist with on-field promotions and give-aways.
  • Fun Zone Employees – Responsible for setup and teardown of all Fun Zone games, as well as distributing Fun Zone wristbands to patrons. Organization and professional customer service is a MUST! May also be asked to work in our Mini Golf area! 
  • Team Mascot