Everything You Need to Know About Your Favorite Mascots:


Lucky The Canary:

Birthday: May 29th, 2007

Favorite Fictional Character: Tweetie Bird

Favorite Food: Worms

Favortie Song: Bird is the Word

Favorite Athlete: Larry Bird

Favorite Off Day Activity: Singing, dancing, and flying around Marion.


Grounder the Groundhog:

Birthday: May 29th, 2007

Weight: No comment......

Favorite Food: Everything

Favorite Movie: Groundhog Day

Role Model: Punxsutawney Phil

Favorite Off Day Activity: Digging holes and working on my dance moves

Rally the Bear:

Birthday: May 13th, 2016

Height: 8 feet

Favorite Movie: The Great Outdoors

Favorite Food: Honey

Favorite Song: Running Bear

Favortie Off Day Activity: Hibernating